Friday, September 02, 2005


Ruth - Director of the slide library and art history lecturer. Fifty, with a striking appearance, sort of Georgia O'Keefe-ish with her grey hair and chiseled face. She is a lesbian whose partner of 10 or so years has just moved overseas to pursue her career in art.

Me - Assistant director of the slide library. Twenty-four, graduated a couple of years ago and have struggled a little to find a good job. I like art and libraries, so this one sounded great--good enough to leave Denver for a more rural environment. Starting on my master's degree in library science in just a few days.

Anna - Work study by day, rock star by night. Member of a four-person band who has hit it big in the Denver area. She studies art history and philosophy. Has black hair, an edgy wardrobe, and edgier friends.

Cheryl - Our other work study who didn't talk unless spoken to for the first nine months or so of her employment. Sometimes wears strangely provocative clothing, and dyed her hair red once. Just today she shocked me (seriously) with this: "Hey, Leslie, how are you today?" Usually it's me saying: "Hey, Cheryl, how are you?" and she answers "Fine, and yourself?" and that is often our only interaction.

Booker - Ruth's schipperke-chihuahua mix. He is small and black and has a lame leg. He doesn't like to be left at home alone, nor does he like to be left behind when Ruth is teaching. He barks ferociously at intruders, otherwise known as library patrons.


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